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belmore falls walking track


Love chasing waterfalls? Concealed amongst lush bushland and rainforest, Belmore Falls boasts a breathtaking cascade over 100m of rocky outcrop. Words cannot describe the beauty of this rugged landscape.

So you want to escape to the wild?


Located in Wildes Meadow, nearby the town of Robertson, venturing to Belmore Falls is an absolutely breathtaking experience. Nestled amongst a riot of bushland and pockets of rainforest, this is the perfect getaway adventure for all you nature-lovers looking to escape the tourist crowds. And it’s just a few hours drive from Sydney!


Everyday, tourists stand at the Belmore Falls’ lookout and wonder how one might venture into the heart of the valley and stand at the feet of this amazing waterfall giant. Beneath this stunning curtain of water plummeting to the earth.

You won’t believe this:


A secret known to a few lucky locals and adventure-buffs, there’s actually a hidden track leading through Budderoo National Park and Morton National Park to the base of the falls. In fact, most of these tourists walk right past the entrance to the Belmore Falls Walking Trail!


It’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it, so keep reading and you’ll find out exactly how to descend from the lookouts to become emerged in the beauty of this natural landscape.

But first, let’s talk about the location.


Amongst the beautiful Southern Highlands, Belmore Falls features three wondrous drops on the Barrengarry Creek. The plunging waterfalls collect on each level in a serene waterhole. Although cold, you may be willing to brave the freezing pool for a once in a lifetime swimming experience.

This guide will lead you through rugged landscape to the first and most spectacular level of the Belmore Falls, boasting an incredible descent of water over 100m of rocky cliff face. The paradisaical escarpment offers a diversity of vegetation breaking through every crack in the rocky outcrop.


It’s a truly humbling experience to stand at the base of this waterfall. A stunning force of nature, both beautiful and brutal.  Very few people have been lucky enough to visit this secluded jewel.


We want to open this world up to all you adventure-junkies. This is without a doubt the most spectacular waterfall to visit near Sydney.

Imagine this:


An astounding roar as water cascades to the earth, splashing off the rocky outcrop towards a swirling blue gem at the base. A plume of water vapour hanging over the plunge pool. Lush rainforest yearning to inhabit the unruly landscape. A forceful wind breathing against your skin.

It’s paradise:


This adventure is truly off the beaten track. You’ll be climbing over slippery rocks, amongst muddy earth and overgrown vegetation to achieve these beautiful views of untouched nature.


As one of the most iconic natural elements of the Illawarra Region, trekking to the bottom of Belmore Falls is not for the feint-hearted. But it’s absolutely worth it.

Directions to Belmore Falls:


Plug ‘Hindmarsh Lookout’ into Google Maps and you’re on your way. You’ll be treated to a short road trip south of Sydney through picturesque landscape and small country towns. You may even wish to stop along the way for some food or photos!


You’ll turnoff Illawarra Highway onto Sassafras Way. This road quickly becomes South St, which you’ll follow until the turnoff onto Belmore Falls Rd. The scenic drive leads through rolling green hills and gorgeous National Park, eventually leading to a partially unsealed road.

Follow this dusty gravel path through the gorgeous bushland. Wind down the windows and absorb the beautiful sounds of the outdoors.


You’ll eventually reach a creek, which you’ll need to cross in order to access the carpark. It’s very safe, however, check the weather before you go because if it’s been raining then the creek may be too high to cross!


Park your car at Hindmarsh Lookout Carpark. You’ll have access to toilets, a small picnic table and limited parking spots. There’s no tap for fresh water, so make sure you come stocked with enough fluids to last you the day. You’ll probably want to be carrying around 2 litres for the walk; and perhaps bring an extra bottle to leave in the car. Cell phone reception from this point onwards is intermittent.


Hindmarsh Lookout offers no shortage of beautiful, sweeping views over Kangaroo Valley and the sensational Southern Highlands. You’ll be able to easily follow the signs around the escarpment to several lookouts featuring incredible valleys, cliff walls, rock features and most importantly the Belmore Falls!

So, how do you get to the bottom of Belmore Falls?

30 minutes

(each way)

2.4km return

closed track (enter at your own risk)

If you decided to walk around the lookouts, come back to Hindmarsh Lookout (there are signs to lead you around, so you should be able to find it!) This is first lookout you’ll come to from the carpark. Facing towards the open valley, you’ll see this amazing view.

Walk back along the sandy, eucalypt path and follow the wire fence (which should be on your left) towards Belmore Falls Lookout. You will find the secret entrance to an old trail leading to the base of Belmore Falls about halfway between these two lookout points.


This section of the track will be on your left, fenced off by the railing. But you will be able to see a worn trail leading towards some rocks.

This is an old track to the bottom of Belmore Falls, however, it is now closed due to risk of injury. It was an actual trail, so fences to do line the way for the start of the trip and there are stone steps in various sections. But it can get slippery during rainfall and wet seasons. And obviously its slippery around the base of the falls. So be cautious and enter at your own risk!


Jump the fence and follow the path towards the rocks. You’ll come to a small clearing where you’ll find a set of stone steps to your left. Follow this path down to the falls!


The track leads down a steep hill to the left but it will eventually veer towards the right (and towards the falls). From this point onwards, the entire trail is fairly direct although you will make some confusing turns on occasion. Don’t worry! The track does always lead back to the falls.

The walk leads through beautiful green vegetation. It’s only about 30 minutes from the top of Hindmarsh Lookout to the bottom of Belmore Falls. You’ll be surrounded by incredible plant life and intermittent views of the falls.


It’s a fairly clear track with a few minor obstacles. A few trees have fallen along the path, so you will be required to climb over or under them. There are also a number of muddy sections and slippery moss, so be careful along the walk.

The bottom of Belmore Falls:


Once at the falls, you’ll be able to explore what Belmore truly has to offer. You can view the falls from afar amongst the rich rainforest. There’s a short walk up and around to a higher viewpoint, but be warned, it is very muddy!


A constant spray of mist projecting from the base of the falls hangs in the air, so the ground and surrounding vines are pretty wet. If you choose to go closer to the falls, you may wish to change into a swimsuit. Use cameras and devices with care!

To come closer to the base of the falls, you can cross a shallow creek over to a section of rocks on the other side. Here, you will have the pleasure of standing under the Belmore Falls, amidst is glory and greatness.


For a unique and memorable experience, strip down and walk closer to the base of the falls. You will not regret the humbling experience of standing so close to the great force of this waterfall giant. If you feel so inclined, you may even wish to plunge into the waterhole.

Be warned: the water is extremely cold and your body will go numb within seconds. But it’s well worth the experience.

Make sure to have brought a towel and warm clothes for your return to dry land. This is true even if you do not go swimming – trust us, you will get wet.


Enjoy the spectacular experience of chasing waterfalls so close to Sydney. Belmore Falls is without a doubt one of the most amazing waterfalls in the state and well worth visiting.


The walk back up to Hindmarsh Lookout is all uphill, so be mindful of your time and pack weight.

What you’ll need:


  • Shoes you don’t mind getting wet and dirty (make sure they are appropriate for walking as well)
  • Towel
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Drinking water
  • Camera